Students gain a much deeper understanding of science when they actively grapple with questions than when they passively listen to answers

M. Waldrop 2015 Nature


- Climate Change:

What climate can you expect from your hometown in 2100? Hint: it's not pretty

- Sea Level:

You could have beachfront property soon!

- Water Budget:

Do you know how to calculate a water budget for a watershed? No? Well now you will.

- US Solar Potential and Usage:

Sun is cool, it can give us electricity, but the US isn't maximizing its potential!

- Biodiversity:

Are the insects at Duke part of healthy ecosystem?

- Mountaintop Mining:

Coal is so important for electricity that we move mountains to get it. Learn about the impacts here.


  1. Aaron Berdanier, Matt Ross, Tess Harper, Molly Rosenstein